SceneCaster is a 3D social media application and online community where anyone can visualize their ideas, share them, and make them real. SceneCaster bridges the gap between the virtual and real worlds by linking the 3D Web experience to online storefronts, product catalogs from leading brands and retailers, social networks, and consumers’ dreams. For more information please visit
SceneCaster screenshot

Your scene on an iMAC

Since its debut last September at DEMOfall 07, SceneCaster has established itself as the fastest growing 3D Web application by focusing on ease of use and adoption, delivery via the browser, and integration with social networking sites such as Facebook.

With the announcement of SceneWeaver technology at DEMO 08, SceneCaster takes the 3D Web to an entirely new level by making consumer created 3D content available anywhere on the Web, on any computing platform and on any communications device, including the Apple iPhone. SceneWeaver technology allows users to link their 3D content to any media type or Web service as well as weave together 3D scenes to create a network of interconnected 3D experiences.